Current and breaking news about the foodservice industry
Waukegan School District 60, last week, began the process required to resume food service to students during the ongoing teachers’ strike.
Students at Discovery Middle School won't just determine the future by what they're learning in classrooms, they're determining what children across the state will eat by what they...
Food trucks are popular and soon they will be rolling into Duval County high schools serving hot meals with the menu the work of student chefs.
Mark Guttridge, of Longmont's Ollin Farms, handed out yellow, purple and orange carrot sticks on Sunday at the Boulder Valley School District's inaugural Harvest Festival while talking up...
To celebrate Food Day 2014, 352 hospitals in the U.S. planned to serve at least one meat or poultry item raised without the routine use of antibiotics, according to Health Care Without Harm (HCWH).
Seven Garfield School District employees are on paid leave after allegations of improperly filing applications for free and reduced school lunches in the past three years.
San Francisco opened its first redesigned school cafeteria this week, with digital menu boards, casual seating and several options for grabbing lunch without a long line.
The drought that has plagued the southern United States since 2011 is easing its grip on areas across the state, according to a Texas A&M climatology expert.
The Vermont Agency of Agriculture reports that 870 cow dairies produce 2.6 billion pounds of milk annually, along with dairy beef from an estimated 26,400 to 33,000 cows.
Forget lukewarm meatloaf and limp salads. These days, college dining halls are serving high-quality, inventive food, much to students' delight...


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