Current and breaking news about the foodservice industry
The American Academy of Pediatrics says school nutrition has improved over the last two decades, but bake sales and birthday parties continue to be a problem.
Conde Nast told top staffers to tweet about its new cafeteria and has placed “Instagram me!” signs near food stations.
A water main break at the University of Toledo has temporarily suspended foodservice at the Student Union.
Nutritionists emphasize there’s no perfect diet as a new disorder called orthorexia nervosa – an unhealthy obsession with eating healthy - sweeps college campuses.
One school nutrition supervisor says less rushed meal times are crucial to provide students with the opportunity to try different foods.
The panel is asking that people eat less red meat and more plants, due in part to concerns over greenhouse gas emissions, energy, land and water use.
The University of Michigan says that by 2025 it will purchase at least 20 percent of its food from producers within a 250-mile radius of Ann Arbor.
Several schools in McHenry County, Ill., have received awards as part of the national Healthier US School Challenge, which urges the creation of nutrition education programs and increased physical...
Students are learning how to push colleges to purchase more fairly-traded, humanely raised, ecologically sound items called “real food.”
Many manufacturers are downsizing their equipment to fit smaller foodservice footprints.


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