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The Weekends Without Hunger Act would install a five-year pilot program aimed at providing food to students when school is not in session.
The bill will not include restrictions that could have caused almost 265,000 children to lose free school meals.
North Thurston Public Schools has accumulated $21,000 in lunch debt this school year.
The lunch is for the districts’ Feed a Farmer event, which aims to educate students about who grows local produce.
The school expects to lose only around $40 a day in subsidies because fewer than 12 students receive free or reduced-priced lunches.
The tech giant’s new Mountain View location can provide free meals to employees, but must source at least half of its meals from local restaurants and shops.
Members of the local fire department and sheriff's department along with school resource officers served students a traditional Thanksgiving meal...
More than 200 cafeterias throughout the state will serve the dish made with local Okinawan sweet potatoes.
Students got to try a Greek-inspired potato salad from the cafeteria’s new salad bar.
Wiggins was honored for her work at Houston Independent School District and Detroit Public Schools.


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