Sodexo: If you build it, jobs will come

SPOKANE, Wash. — College is not simply about an education. It is a place for learning, but not solely within the confines of the academic atmosphere. Perhaps the most important aspect of attending an institution of higher learning is in gaining real-world experience.

“I believe [working] will benefit [Gonzaga students] through perfecting their time management skills,” said Amber Charlton, who became the human resources manager of ZagDining Sodexo in 2014. “It’s necessary for academic success and also for success in the working world. A lot of students come in and don’t have any work experience, and this will give them that foot [in the door] and that ability to gain those skills.”

This can come in the form of a part-time job. And for 64 students this month, Sodexo Dining Services offer an answer for the first year of student employment at the John J. Hemmingson Center starting in the fall. Next Tuesday on the Crosby Center Lawn, Sodexo is hosting a job fair from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. to fill these positions.

“There has not been — as far as I’m aware — a batch of this many new student hire opportunities before,” Charlton said. “This is a very exciting opportunity, it’s a brand new building, and we’re excited to just give students opportunities to gain skill sets.”

With the opening of the Hemmingson Center just around the corner, a plethora of new dining options are being offered beyond the current BARC and dining outlets on campus. Sodexo is in charge of filling the demand for the different locations within the Hemmingson.

A Starbucks coffee shop, an Einstein’s Brothers Bagel shop, the Bulldog Pub, a Marketplace convenience store, and six to eight individual food platforms will be housed within the building. These specific areas are in addition to the need for expanded catering and resident dining services.

Sodexo is looking only for Gonzaga students to fill these 64 part-time positions.

These institutional positions do not require a work study grant for hire, which means students who received only state work study off-campus can remain on campus to earn wages in the central location of the Hemmingson.

The positions that need filling include baristas, cashiers, student managers, banquet supporters and more. Most of the positions are available for around 10 to a maximum of 20 hours weekly.

"The benefits of having a part-time job in college are pretty great,” said sophomore Sodexo dining assistant Michael Barclay. “I also only have to work six hours a week so it’s not like I am putting a ton of time into work. I still have plenty of time for studying.”

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