veggie wheel
One operation increased vegetable consumption with a "wheel of food." ...
vegan dessert
One operation educated students about some of its dessert offerings through a vegan cooking class.
fruit crate
One operation finds a two-way benefit in farm-to-campus partner tours.
song break
One operation builds team morale with a singalong.
plastic straws
An item about the size of a pencil has become the latest target in FSDs’ eco-friendly plans.
plastic cutlery
At St. Jude, protecting the environment and supporting staff and community health go hand in hand.
students eating

Best practices from a recent conference of school nutrition professionals. 

fresh lettuce
Whether through campus orchards or shipping container farms, schools are bringing fresh produce to.
When it comes to the procurement of animal protein, FSDs rely on diner expectations to guide them.
food waste
Foodservice operators are ramping up sustainability efforts in 2018—and coming up with more.



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