Steal This Idea

Borrowing ideas and innovation from your peers
Steal This Idea
One operator improved internal communication with a simple subject line tweak.
salmon and yogurt
With all the hype around probiotics, one operator decided to create a daily dish that incorporates probiotics in addition to prebiotics.
When preparing for inclement weather, we make agreements with all the foodservice providers in the area—not just our prime vendor—since you never know if one will cut off from resupply.
We decided to get rid of plastic trays 
and now offer cardboard trays in 
our cafeteria to support our district’s efforts to expand and improve our recycling efforts.
We decided through focus group feedback that our freshmen struggled with the allergy-friendly options or options for students with diabetes on campus.
coffee cups
The goal is to gather 
staff feedback about their jobs and answer individual questions. The meetings offer an opportunity for more of a one-on-one conversation without the presence of the supervisor.
The salad bar goes “on sale” for 25 cents an ounce post-lunchtime to help reduce waste as well as offer value to customers.
onion slices
A line cook at Di Alba in Los Angeles recommends cutting onions straight into ice-cold water to keep eyes from watering, which helps eliminate the tear-inducing gas.


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