Steal This Idea

Borrowing ideas and innovation from your peers
Steal This Idea
home recipes
One operation offers a Recipes From Home program where they ask students and parents to share a favorite recipe, which they then feature in the cafes.
One operation offers residents warm hand towels scented with herbs or extracts such as lavender and serves them a spoonful of sorbet to get them settled and focused.
One operation offers a delivery service to students who are too sick to eat at dining halls so they don’t have to stress and to prevent the spread of illness.
One operation implemented a 2 p.m. pick-me-up, which includes a smoothie station where nurses can create their own smoothie to help get them through their shift.
Winter is when guests frequently crave something comforting and hearty. One operation plans to boost engagement by inviting guests to design a unique chili experience.
trail mix
One operation added fueling stations in their units for workers who didn’t have time to eat or just need a snack.
One operator improved internal communication with a simple subject line tweak.
salmon and yogurt
With all the hype around probiotics, one operator decided to create a daily dish that incorporates probiotics in addition to prebiotics.
When preparing for inclement weather, we make agreements with all the foodservice providers in the area—not just our prime vendor—since you never know if one will cut off from resupply.


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