Steal This Idea

Borrowing ideas and innovation from your peers
Steal This Idea
work friends
A college operation uses one easy question to test employee morale.
temporary tattoos
One operation counts on students to market new eateries with wearable art.
One operation helps residents host gatherings to meet their neighbors.
qr codes
One operation found a way to gather students' opinions more often and more directly...
One operation put its hydroponic gardens in a spot where students can watch them grow.
food snap
One operation started a 50-member vegan team in response to students expressing the need for more vegan options.
hybrid worker
One operation has created hybrid positions, such as a personal services assistant and foodservice worker role.
One operation set up an interactive collaboration with its dietetics department where students worked with the culinary team to test how recipes are produced.
salad bowl
Big bowls allow students to load up on their favorite salads and customize with additional ingredients from around the servery.


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