Going Green

A look at how operators are implementing environmentally friendly programs
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The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign joins state officials to promote the invasive species as a food source.

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Trevor Johnson, resident farmer at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital, says education is surprisingly his main responsibility.

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 See how some operations have leaned into waste-reduction initiatives of late.

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When it comes to fostering engagement in sustainability efforts, you can step up and do the work, or wait for it to happen to you, says Keith Soster.
Though dishwashing is just one of a kitchen’s priorities, the rise of disposables has affected dish rooms in all foodservice sectors—especially in Orange County.
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As FSDs add “farmer” to the fine print attached to their titles, a major part of their job has evolved to include training their team to keep up on-site gardens.
Water trickles down to almost every aspect of feeding—from sourcing to transportation to cooking—and when stagnant, can completely alter standard operation.
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Through culinary arts programs, students learn the basics of agriculture, practice pivoting a menu based on seasonality, and compost as they cook.
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As more FSDs jump from the polystyrene wagon with an eye on the ultimate waste-reducers—reusable containers—here are some tips from folks on the front lines.
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Through recovery, waste reduction and sustainability challenges, operators, particularly at schools and universities, are issuing mandates to reach a zero-waste goal.


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