Going Green

A look at how operators are implementing environmentally friendly programs
Kathy King offers insight on how to tailor sourcing initiatives to a senior living facility.
champion food waste recycler
At last measure, food waste contributed 28 percent of the total 251 million tons of trash that ended up in landfills, the Environmental Protection Agency reports.
aquaponic lettuce
Sustainability is something that students value, and it contributes to food quality.
nra show floor
Foodservice operators shared some tips during the National Restaurant Association show.
Here’s what the foodservice departments of several colleges and universities are doing to commemorate Earth Day.
Here are four college-and-university feeding operations that each have diverted more than 10,000 pounds of food from landfills.
montana aquaponics
A 200-gallon system enables the University of Montana to grow leafy greens and raise fish on campus.
food waste
Foodservice operators are demonstrating that food waste recovery is a viable alternative to landfill dumping.
In non-commercial foodservice settings, only 4 to 10 percent of waste is pre-consumer, typically kitchen waste such as fruit and vegetable peels.
eat lebanon valley college
At Lebanon Valley College in Annville, Pa., an academic initiative called E.A.T. is encouraging students to be more mindful of what they eat.


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