Emerging Trends

The latest foodservice industry trends, insights and innovations
breakfast restaurant food
Every foodservice operator wants to offer more contemporary items in order to please their customer base and keep chefs challenged and engaged. But finding that just-right item takes work.
student food tray
Stories of students who can’t pay for lunch being given a subpar meal or shamed for their debt have proliferated in recent years, and it’s not an uncommon problem.
monster music

Music can make the difference in diners’ perception of meals.

iris camera
How new cameras have changed one college’s service.
books stack

Expand your industry knowledge with these staples.

anker dining room

Steal ideas from these hot spots when visiting Chicago for the National Restaurant Association Show—or at any time throughout the year.

college students pizza

Does Gen Z really love those communal tables and wacky food mashups operators are investing money in? Maybe not so much after all. 

mystery dish

Take a break from standard meal service with these creative ideas.

coffee cup beans

Operators are appealing to coffee drinkers’ desire for functional and on-the-go options, as well as unexpected flavors.  

kids farm produce

The next generation of school farms features mobility and greater produce variety. 


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