Emerging Trends

The latest foodservice industry trends, insights and innovations
world dining

How are the big trends in U.S. eating playing out overseas?

chefs in kitchen

Members of FSD's Chefs' Council offer ideas about what will shift noncommercial in the next 30 years.

campus at night
Take a cue from the hospitality or retail sectors and serve customers more hours of the day.
30th cover

Since FSD launched 30 years ago, the magazine has evolved along with the ever-innovating and changing industry it covers.

kitchen tech

Foodservice operators are leaning into equipment that works smarter, not harder. 

As FSD has grown, so has its event counterpart, MenuDirections.
senior living
For FoodService Director’s 30th birthday, leaders in senior living foodservice take a walk down memory lane—and reveal what they believe the future holds.
college cafeteria

Engage diners with these four events taking place this month.

At Pine Manor College, students not only choose their own ingredients, they can personalize portion size and seasoning.
salad bar
The straightforward Chipotle model of customization has become, as the kids say, so basic.


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