50 states college dining

Here, we dive into those 50 standouts—and share some insight into what sets their foodservice departments apart.

fine dining
Photograph: Shutterstock
One operation offers a taste of traditional dining by creating a high-end experience.
Photograph: Shutterstock
A college operation uses the chickpea byproduct as a substitute.
Freshii School Lunch
Alternatives to school nutrition programs are growing as restaurants such as Freshii jump into.
mongolian grill
A healthcare operation found a way to speed up wait times by two-thirds in some cases.
Operators ranging from Taco Bell to independents are adding new serving sizes to raid the game day.
One operation has expanded beyond the dining hall to showcase its dining program.
ethnic foods

These emerging eateries to watch are catering to growing demand for sophisticated, adventurous international cuisine.

One operation kick-starts morning meals with a customizable waffle bar.
multigenerational table
Content Director Abbey Lewis considers how the habits of each generation influence the way she eats.



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