hot school lunch
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Local residents are making sure students have better access to a hot lunch.

School Cafeteria

The Brother James Gaffney Student Center is home to a convenience store and a dining hall that seats over 300. 

Romaine Lettuce Concerns

FSDs across segments are swapping in spinach and other greens, while some are brainstorming ways to address the growing frequency of romaine safety concerns.

consumer products
Students enjoy a meal and learn how to stay safe during emergencies.
campus concierge
Make campus feel like home by offering a variety of student services.
New Cafeteria
One college cut back overcrowding by letting students use meal swipes at different venues.
happy kitchen staff
One operation shows staff gratitude by writing personalized messages around the kitchen.
organic produce
A college sought to get students talking about (and eating) food from nearby sources.
holiday flatware

Here are some marketing ideas to keep in mind as the holiday season gets into full swing.

to-go food
Conceived by college students as part of a worldwide competition, the new initiative uses.



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