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An event series educates students on how they can reduce waste.
First place
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FSD Content Director Abbey Lewis ponders learning from her mistakes, and the value of being first.

disposable coffee cup

A host of innovations are being tried to divert single-use hot-drink containers from landfills, from cup sharing to “clever cups” that can order and pay for a refill. Here’s a sampling.

Keep your guac from turning brown with this surprising ingredient.
Keep sweet teeth in check with a sugar challenge.
Here’s how the University of New Mexico’s Draft & Table went from a student idea to an actual.
College Dining
Foodservice operators are offering fervent studiers a reprieve—and a bit of brain food.
hot school lunch
Local residents are making sure students have better access to a hot lunch.
School Cafeteria

The Brother James Gaffney Student Center is home to a convenience store and a dining hall that seats over 300. 

Romaine Lettuce Concerns
FSDs across segments are swapping in spinach and other greens, while some are brainstorming ways to.



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