Some friends went to Thailand a couple of years ago, and I asked them to name the most memorable dish they ate while there. They both replied simultaneously, “Coconut shrimp soup, for sure.” I made it my quest to recreate it, and when I cooked it for them a few weeks later, they said it was “90% close.” I’m still working on it, but our customers love it. We introduced it last fall on our cafe menu, originally featuring it every third Friday, but we received emails requesting it more often. Now it’s on every week, and customers line up for the dish. The sauce is a blend of coconut milk, lemongrass, ginger, lime leaves, sugar, fish sauce, Thai chiles and a hint of sesame oil served over basmati rice and topped with poached shrimp, scallions, sauteed cabbage and garnishes.

Antonio Sanchez
Hennepin County Medical Center