Bosch regularly has visitors from Germany, who let us know they can’t wait until Thursday for this special lunch salad. It rolled out to our ShowPlace Station 19 years ago and has been a hit ever since. The time put into marinating the chicken is what makes it most unique—the chicken breast is marinated for 72 hours in Cajun spices, then grilled. 

We prepare a classic Caesar dressing 15 minutes prior to meal service. It’s freshly made from precisely cut anchovies and fresh-squeezed lemon juice. To order, we toss the chicken with crisp romaine lettuce and the dressing, then add Parmesan croutons made from house-baked sourdough bread.

Sometimes we vary the marinades and give the salad a global twist—Tandoori topped with fried garbanzo beans in place of the croutons, for example, or harissa-marinated chicken for a Moroccan flavor. But the dressing has remained unchanged since day one.