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Putting the UCMC kitchen footprint together

The University of Chicago Medical Center’s remodel is not without its challenges.


See how Minnesota State took transparency up a notch

The university’s new facility combines flexible dining options with a handful of sustainability initiatives. 

The community-focused complex houses five food stations, a demo kitchen and a late-night eatery—with a grocerant and greenhouse in the works.  

In overhauling its ‘downtown’ district, Disney World aims to amp up its game—without losing the magic.

As The University of Chicago Medical Center prepared to revamp of one of its kitchens, it wasn’t just foodservice executives coming to the table.

The dining hall is the school’s first to provide kosher-certified and halal-friendly options, which are garnering attention from the community at large.  

How The University of Chicago Medical Center juggled its priorities to overhaul a kitchen.

USC shared photos of both the new Fertitta Cafe and a revamped version of the business school’s Popovich Cafe, and chatted about the thought process for both.

As diners demand increased transparency, operators are opening their doors in unprecedented ways.

When working with a small footprint, the back of the house often gets squeezed in the interest of preserving precious seats.

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