K-12 Schools


House of Representatives passes continuing resolution that includes funding to extend summer meal program waivers

The legislation will add almost $8 billion in funding for school nutrition programs.


USDA issues nationwide waiver for CACFP at-risk program

Schools and after-school care centers with state agency approval will now be able to serve at-risk meals and snacks regardless of location.

Any child under 18 can now receive free breakfast and lunch for Saturday.

Nearby districts and other community members have stepped in to help distribute meals.

The foodservice provider is again offering one full-ride and three partial scholarships to employees looking to earn an associate degree in business.

All in-person classes and most remote learning will not begin until Sept. 21.

The extension of the Summer Food Service Program and National School Lunch Program Seamless Summer Option will allow schools to serve meals to all students at no charge.

The guidance is directed at schools and other childcare settings who can’t open for full in-person teaching but want to offer in-person learning and supervision for at-risk students.

Schools throughout Texas and Louisiana are altering their meal operations due to the arrival of Hurricane Laura this week.

Circuit Judge Charles Dodson ruled the order unconstitutional.

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