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How to attract and identify standout employees

Annual performance reviews are the first step to finding employees that stand out. The next step is managing by objective and identifying mutual goals.


Will switching out equipment prevent frying woes?

Having the right equipment can make an operation more efficient, consistent and profitable. The real question is: Will that solve your problem?

Some have reported undercooked food and meat being served in vegetarian dishes.

The ban was part of an effort to conserve water during a drought.

If response is positive, the pub could become a permanent addition.

The school hopes the service will also boost sales at less-popular dining halls.

The stations aim to draw more students to the dining hall.

Here’s how the University of Michigan launched a major brand refresh.

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt will fulfill student orders via drone by appointment.

The university and its students are reportedly stockpiling food in anticipation of a potential strike.