Tempest in a Tweet-pot

How powerful has the world of Facebook and Twitter become? Strong enough, apparently, to create controversy where none exists.


Face up: do you Tweet?

One of the hottest topics in foodservice has become the issue of social networking and its potential value to the industry.

E-training is a convenient way to teach employees new programs and to review safety procedures. If technology is the way of the future, then it would follow that online or other computer-based traini...

Q&A with MaryKay Skrypec, SVP of innovation and quality, U.S. Foodservice.

A growing number of noncommercial foodservice operators are participating in LEED certification. Operators speak about how others can join the movement.

The tablets function similarly to palm-size handheld computers, also known as personal digital assistants, or PDAs, in that data is entered on the computer's screen via stylus, or touch, input.

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