5 stats on sandwich preferences

See what today's diners want and what’s trending on the sandwich menu.


5 stats on how consumers are snacking

As ideas of what counts as a snack shift, diners may be looking for different kinds of items when hunger or boredom strikes.

The Food Research and Action Center’s latest report sheds light on after-school meal participation.

See how operators responded to our recent survey about the college and university segment.

To celebrate National Pasta Month, one company is giving homesick students in Madison, Wis., free dinners delivered to their doors.

Over a third say they've visited a restaurant after seeing it on the app popular with teens, a new study shows.

As schools look to welcome students back to campus this fall, here's some insight into what those diners may be seeking.

Researchers found that school meals have higher nutritional quality compared to those from other food sources, such as restaurants.

The Food Research and Action Center’s latest Breakfast Score Card reveals the state of breakfast participation among low-income students prior to the pandemic.

See how operators responded to FSD's second annual school foodservice survey.

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