Recipe report: Salad days

Eat to beat the heat by offering a selection of cool salads. While salad bars are a convenient service style, these five composed seasonal salads ease decision-making and speed up the line.


Recipe report: Grab-and-go breakfasts

A change in routine during the summer months can bring even more demand for breakfast on the run. Feed that demand with tasty and nutritious portable breakfast options that are easy to grab and go.

As summer heats up, the demand for refreshing cold beverages rises along with the temperature. Cool off customers with these five flavorful thirst-quenchers.

With summer just around the corner, customers will be seeking sweet respites from the heat. Consider offering one of these five flavor-forward refreshers.

Farmers markets are in full swing and fresh produce is in abundance, putting both chefs and customers in the mood for veg-centric dishes. The five recipes here showcase some of the best seasonal selections.

Come summer and consumers’ cravings turn to grilled and barbecued foods. Satisfy those cravings with these five creative recipes that focus on grilling.

Sandwiches share similar components—carriers, fillings and condiments. But to build a standout sandwich, those components should be layered to complement the ingredients’ textures and flavors. These five sandwich recipes do just that.

Almost 14% of restaurant visits are made in order to purchase a snack, according to Technomic, and consumers report that they are replacing meals with snacks more often.

As the weather warms up, customers begin to crave lighter desserts with fresh, fruity flavors. These five new recipes will take your menu in a sweet, seasonal direction.

It’s the busy season for parties and events, and many foodservice kitchens are working overtime on catering orders. To help lighten the load, here are five new recipes to add to your catering menus.