Seafood prices underscore a complex supply chain

The COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on the foodservice-dependent fishing industry.


NY school districts receive grant for buying local

Through the grant, the districts have hired a farm to school team, implemented a farm to school menu day and purchased fruit sectioners so students can slice their own fruit.

Chefs say menuing the lesser-used fish is a cost-effective way to support local fisheries.

Diners show willingness to eat a variety of less-common cuts, according to new Technomic research.

A new program aims to expose students to more local items and give them nutritious choices.

Here’s a look at how two operators added coffee service with relatively small footprints—with one decidedly futuristic, and the other low-tech but nimble.

The food and nutrition team at University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics in Madison outsources baked goods to a local shop that hires the formerly incarcerated.

The meals aim to improve health and nutrition among hospital staff, patients and guests.

The old adage says to choose your friends wisely. The same wisdom is needed when choosing a new vendor. Operators share the top three qualities they look for.

The schools expect to serve as many as 500,000 of the burgers each day they’re offered.

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