Menu price inflation hit a new 40-year high last month

Full-service menu prices rose 8% year over year and limited-service prices jumped 7.2%, while grocery prices increased 10%.


Taking the helm at a new school district at the height of a pandemic-fueled supply crunch

FSD Kim Leung shares her experience joining Tigard-Tualatin’s nutrition team in August of this year.

The foodservice provider planned and executed the annual Faith, Field and Feast event, sourcing hyperlocal ingredients to create a seasonal menu.

Bon Appetit foodservice management company plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through its food purchasing decisions.

The COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on the foodservice-dependent fishing industry.

Through the grant, the districts have hired a farm to school team, implemented a farm to school menu day and purchased fruit sectioners so students can slice their own fruit.

Chefs say menuing the lesser-used fish is a cost-effective way to support local fisheries.

Diners show willingness to eat a variety of less-common cuts, according to new Technomic research.

A new program aims to expose students to more local items and give them nutritious choices.

Here’s a look at how two operators added coffee service with relatively small footprints—with one decidedly futuristic, and the other low-tech but nimble.

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