4 dining event ideas for November

Consider these opportunities to engage guests next month.


College chefs team up to create winning recipes

Here's a sampling of the dozens of dishes created at Indiana University kitchens during the Big Ten Conference Chefs' Summit.

Chillier weather means the time is right to cook up a pot of chili. These 5 recipes range from plant-based chilis to a turkey and sweet potato version.

The University of Michigan’s dining team shared its sustainability accomplishments during FoodService Director’s third annual Culinary Council Chefs’ Summit.

Karla Dumas from the Humane Society of the United States, shares what’s driving the rise in demand for plant-based menu options.

Sustainable, low-carb, gluten-free—which attributes do students say would make them more likely to buy a menu item? Technomic shares some insights.

Students will receive $4 in vouchers to spend at the market.

As for the difference in growth, that could be thanks to noncommercial foodservice facilities serving people in a more utilitarian sense, rather than an indulgent sense—that is, customers patronizing a hospital cafeteria may be interested in different types of foods than, say, a couple going out for date night at a hot new restaurant in town. But whatever the reason, the facts are that ancient grains have staked their place on noncommercial menus—and operators are working hard to add more dishes featuring them.

Sodexo makes a commitment to serve Future 50 Foods to promote sustainability and health.

How FSD Mellissa Honeywood curates a locally sourced menu with international ties.

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