Benefits of plant-forward eating in healthcare foodservice

For patients needing more protein and healthy fats, such as those who need to maintain healthy insulin levels, create a power bowl featuring brown rice, eggs, avocados and other plant-based ingredients.


Northwestern students embrace 21 days of plants

Innovative menu items and activities spurred participation in a soon-to-be-annual plant-forward challenge.

With many diners focusing more on their health, combined with the “food as medicine” movement, it’s no surprise plant-based options, like beans, are multiplying on menus.

See which ingredients, flavors and culinary movements had the biggest impact this year.

See which topics readers couldn’t get enough of this year.

Canton Local School District has partnered with a rescued produce delivery service.

How one foodservice team is adapting to the dining preferences of baby boomer residents.

Fresh preparations and an eye toward flexitarianism are leading the way forward.

The on-campus farm is providing the university with greens such as kale, cilantro, basil and lettuce.

Plant-based items are skyrocketing on menus. But how popular are they with consumers, really?

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