Canada to ban plastic food containers by 2021

Prime Minister Trudeau says his administration will also work with the country’s provinces to require a plastic litter cleanup by foodservice operations and other users of nonbiodegradable packaging.


Kids Eat Local Act aims to bring more local food into schools

The legislation aims to simplify the local procurement process for operators.

The company partnered with a local food rescue organization to pick up and distribute uneaten, leftover food from its headquarters.

The sit-down meals help students take time and enjoy their lunch before rushing off to their next class.

To help FSDs and chefs innovate within their own operations, FSD has identified nine restaurant waves that are ready for their moments in noncommercial.

Create a dynamic culture, and workers will stick around.

Check out how the district’s nutrition team adds variety to the menu and addresses food insecurity head on.

New intel from Sodexo and its robotics partner offers some clues.

Here's how districts across the country are putting a spotlight on the morning meal this year.

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