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Steal This Idea

Snap a pic: Have students use smartphones to document preferences

One operation started a 50-member vegan team in response to students expressing the need for more vegan options.


Agents of change

FSD's publisher discusses changes in the industry and within the magazine.

University of Michigan Dining has a cool tactic.

See what a school's mostly vegan cafe is serving up to students.

Restaurant customers selected these five blended burgers as the most appealing.

These inspiring tidbits and trends started off 2018.

FSD checks in with its sister publications for tips noncommercial operators can use.

If anyone doubts the exchange of trends between commercial and noncommercial foodservice, they need merely read what trendinistas are forecasting for the market.

Here’s how operators are accommodating guests' hunger for speed and ease of ordering. 

JP’s Diner provides students with a retro late-night option not found elsewhere on campus. 

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