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The Big Idea

Steal This Idea has consistently been the most popular feature in FoodService Director. But not every idea we receive is small enough to be contained in a box. On the following pages we offer 10 "big" ideas for readers to steal.


Vegan Vacation

Faced with constant requests for more vegetarian fare, the dining department at 36,000-student University of North Texas opened an all-vegan dining hall this fall. Ken Botts, special projects manager, says the department has made several previous attempts

Dear readers: How did you spend your Labor Day? Picnic? Party? Laze the day away at the beach? Veg out in front of the TV watching sports?

I was having a conversation with my youngest son the other night when he pointed out to me something about how time grows shorter as we age. He wasn't speaking in the literal sense, of course, but he noted, for example, that kids often talk about how long their summer is while adults remark how fast time flies by. His theory: Time moves faster for us older folks because we have more time periods with which to compare.

This spring Jim McGrody, director of food and nutrition at 650-bed Rex Healthcare in Raleigh, N.C., published his first book, “What We Feed Our Patients.” McGrody says he wrote the book to share his journey to improve hospital foodservice and

The NPD Group, a leading market research company, found in its recent National Eating Trends survey that members of the Millennial generation, also known as Generation Y, have significantly decreased their rate of dining out.

When it comes to “hot” cuisines, Thai is still “the one,” according to respondents in our 2011 Menu Survey. But Thai’s got competition from two other cultures, and some interesting cuisines were mentioned by operators.

FSD talked with Mike McTaggart, president of Quest Food Management Services, about the company’s new Quest for Life program, which focuses on from-scratch cooking, local sourcing, and educating both parents and students.

As I write this, the final draft of FoodService Director’s 2011 editorial calendar is in the hands of our marketing and design team. It’s always a good feeling to get a project off my desk, and this one is particularly gratifying.

At Yahoo, in Sunnyvale, Calif., Bob Hart, director of operations/executive chef for Bon Appétit, saw his Indian program taking off. To keep improving the options, he decided a focus group would be the best way to find out ways the program could be

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