8 ideas to improve your school nutrition program

Take a look at some best practices shared at the School Nutrition Industry Conference last week.


Utah state employees can fill in for cafeteria staff under new executive order

State employees will be able to use paid leave to volunteer at schools that are short on workers.

The bill identifies such water sources as any used for drinking, food preparation or cooking.

Schools would no longer be allowed to "publicly identify or stigmatize" students if they are unable to pay for meals.

Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District may stop offering milk at one or all of its daily meals served.

If made law, schools would need to offer a plant-based meal or snack if a student or their guardian requests one.

A new policy aims to combat labor shortages at K-12 schools.

Schools that source their food from the state or ones nearby would receive a percentage of their food costs back.

Chef Byron Murphy will join the team and support school districts in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

The SNA outlined that request and more in its 2022 Position Paper.

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