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Employee Separation Checklist

An employee is leaving the restaurant. Make sure you’ve both fulfilled your obligation with this checklist. Check out the employee separation checklist. Index ...


Employee Non-Compete Agreement

You don’t want your recipes walking out the door when your chef changes jobs. Use this non-compete form to make sure you’re protected. Check out the employee non-compete agreem...

Did your employee come up with a great new recipe or update an old one? Make sure the restaurant owns them with this form. Check out the employee invention agreement. ...

Average salaries decreased during 2007, and the majority of operators expected to be in the their current roles in 2012, according to FSD's 2007 Compensation Study.

Salaries increased 1.9% for FSDs last year. Did yours? According to FSD's annual Compensation Study, salaries rose just 1.9% last year across the board. But not many in the business think they'll be in their current position five years from now.

Talking about the "cutting edge" in hand washing sounds almost comical. True, there is an increasing number and variety of devices that can assist in the process, and newer, better gloves that can bolster those efforts.

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