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C&U dining directors share thoughts on hiring challenges, building community post-pandemic

Here’s how some teams are encouraging staff and student engagement as they look forward.


New hiring report sheds light on the labor challenge from the worker’s side

The foodservice industry’s labor shortage is a multifaceted problem, finds a Snagajob survey.

Central Washington University has revamped its training initiatives by listening to workers and incorporating their feedback.

Armed with a new core purpose, Central Washington University’s dining program has stepped up by building campus connections, boosting staff engagement and overhauling training.

The foodservice company lost up to 40% of its workforce at the height of COVID and now looks to fill a number of managerial positions.

Liberty Dining showed employee appreciation with Thanksgiving-themed food, words of praise.

This generation of workers brings new challenges, but here’s how employers can keep them engaged.

Requests for personal services shifted dramatically in the last seven months.

Foodservice operations seek to foster atmospheres that are welcoming to all.

Turn good service into hiring opportunities with a simple business card.

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