Designing Dining Rooms

Culture, environment and expectation are key to successful dining room designs. Knowing expectations is the most important component to good dining room design, according to David Porter, CEO and pre...


The New Color of Design

“Going green” is becoming the design mantra for foodservice operators. There is currently a lot of buzz about “going green” in noncommercial foodservice, particularly with des...

Leafy greens are the base for most salads, but where chefs go from there is up for grabs. Some are even leaving out the lettuce completely, opting for artfully arranged vegetables, fruits and ot...

A new, roomier cafeteria has boosted participation and created new revenue possibilities for this Ohio school district.   At A Glance: Jackson High School in Ohio •No. of students: 1,800 ...

Remember when all plates were round? Today's cutting-edge dishes are just as likely to be square, rectangular, triangular, scalloped or kidney-shaped.

Today's food preparation stations are becoming easier on the eyes—as well as the back, legs, neck and shoulders.

Dinner volume more than doubled at Towson (MD) University's Newell Dining Hall as a result of a $2.2-million renovation completed this past fall.

The Georgia Institute of Technology last year saw a 20% increase in students purchasing unlimited meal plans following the renovation of Brittain Dining Hall, which now heavily emphasizes display cooking.

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