C&U dining directors share thoughts on hiring challenges, building community post-pandemic

Here’s how some teams are encouraging staff and student engagement as they look forward.

Foodservice Operation of the Month

Tapping into the strengths of your team

On this episode of “Dig In,” Dining Services Director Dean Masuccio shares how his staff has fostered cross-campus relationships and closed training gaps.

With orientation gone virtual, university departments came together to send first-year students a taste of campus life.

As schools look to welcome students back to campus this fall, here's some insight into what those diners may be seeking.

The shipping container gardens are part of a partnership between the school’s dining department and its college of agriculture.

Takeout continues to trend, but diners can expect creativity to flow into other service styles and menu categories.

This was the first time the university’s retail and resident dining programs had worked together on an event.

The University of Florida’s dining program will debut BYPPOCampus this fall.

Northern Michigan University is offering between $50 and $100 to students and faculty who upload documentation of their vaccination.

As the pandemic wiped out communal dining on campus, foodservice teams were quick to pivot. But as dining in resumes, what comes next?

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