construction and renovation


Redesign or new construction?

When revamping, the design process can feel like fitting together the pieces of a puzzle: What needs to fit in the space, what’s the most efficient flow and more?


Putting the UCMC kitchen footprint together

The University of Chicago Medical Center’s remodel is not without its challenges.

FSD pairs the results of our 2017 Operator Renovation Survey with a look back at real-life examples that highlight FSDs who successfully put change into action.

For many operators, taking the time to troubleshoot equipment issues before picking up the phone can help save on maintenance costs. Step one is to check the plug.

As The University of Chicago Medical Center prepared to revamp of one of its kitchens, it wasn’t just foodservice executives coming to the table.

To encourage students to visit area restaurants, the cafe will only serve light breakfast and lunch items.

One offers sandwiches and made-to-order salads, while the other serves up Italian street fare.

Participation jumped 29% at a district’s middle schools after food stations and an expanded menu were added.

USC shared photos of both the new Fertitta Cafe and a revamped version of the business school’s Popovich Cafe, and chatted about the thought process for both.

How The University of Chicago Medical Center juggled its priorities to overhaul a kitchen.

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