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Indigenous peoples food programming at Maine universities highlights the importance of culturally accurate menus

Maine Course by Sodexo hosted a variety of events in October that showcased indigenous cuisine. Here’s a look at what went into making sure the programming was culturally accurate.


Harvard University Dining celebrates culinary diversity at Inauguration of 30th President

Menus included Haitian foods in honor of new President Claudine Gay’s heritage.

North Carolina State University’s teaching kitchen opened during COVID. Now it’s an active campus presence that spreads knowledge about nutrition and wellness.

Through the partnership, Aramark chefs will learn about sustainable seafood and integrate that knowledge into their sourcing strategies.

The initiative will also streamline food distribution for the Pitt Eats dining team.

The winner was crowned “champion” of the Mongolian Station in Commons Dining Hall.

College students love variety and great tasting food—learn about how two college campuses boosted interest in their foodservice programs with King’s Hawaiian Grill locations.

Quest Food Management Services worked to transform Ober Dining Hall from a closed-off cafeteria to the school’s main hub for connecting on campus.

The university established a goal to serve 30% plant-based options by 2025. The dining program now offers over 40% plant-based entrees.

This semester, students who are experiencing food insecurity can request free meal swipes at the dining hall.

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