Customers of full-service establishments can still get one upon request.
The changeover will be complete across campus in about a year and a half.
meal mushroom
A college operation has students pick ingredients to be used in a group dinner.
Paterson Public Schools will work with the university to provide training and raise awareness about the environmental effects of food waste.
self-serve cafeteria
A college operation has staff portion animal protein, while students can take as much produce as they want.
food scale
A medical center has reduced its waste with a multi-pronged approach.
salad bar
The new garden will grow fruits and vegetables for the hospital’s cafe and help it promote healthy eating
plastic spoon
The foodservice vendor has committed to cutting down on single-use plastics “significantly” by 2022.
fruit crate
One operation finds a two-way benefit in farm-to-campus partner tours.
plastic straws
An item about the size of a pencil has become the latest target in FSDs’ eco-friendly plans.


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