fruit crate
One operation finds a two-way benefit in farm-to-campus partner tours.
plastic straws
An item about the size of a pencil has become the latest target in FSDs’ eco-friendly plans.
fresh lettuce
Whether through campus orchards or shipping container farms, schools are bringing fresh produce to students—from the garden plot to the plate. ...
Beginning this month, dining services will no longer offer items such as plastic bags and straws.
When it comes to the procurement of animal protein, FSDs rely on diner expectations to guide them.
food waste
Foodservice operators are ramping up sustainability efforts in 2018—and coming up with more culinary-focused solutions.
Composting food scraps has been a big part of the sustainability mission in non-commercial operations. But forward-thinking chefs are now going one step further, embracing nose-to-tail cooking,...
organic lettuce
Organic gardens at Beaver Dam Community Hospital help support the hospital’s health initiatives
grilled lettuce
See how a Chicago operation cuts costs and waste with multiple applications for grilled romaine.
Eric Montell lecture
Presenters at the annual Menus of Change conference shared how they’re reshaping menus.


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