disposable coffee cup
A host of innovations are being tried to divert single-use hot-drink containers from landfills, from cup sharing to “clever cups” that can order and pay for a refill. Here’s a sampling.
See how many dishes chefs can make with imperfect produce.
Ngai Ngai
Chef Njathi Kabui embraces activism to spur change.
The trip allowed the team to get an inside look at the farms’ day-to-day operations.
blended burgers
This year’s winners of the Blended Burger Project competition are packed with differentiators, from specialty ketchups to mushroom-infused queso. Here’s a look.
campus farm
At a recent culinary gathering, Michigan Dining chefs cooked up dinner in the fields.
soybean farm
How a big university and a big company are moving to reduce their carbon footprint.
Customers of full-service establishments can still get one upon request.
The changeover will be complete across campus in about a year and a half.
meal mushroom
A college operation has students pick ingredients to be used in a group dinner.