The state board of education’s ruling has given high schools more power over what they serve.
The new program bundles menus, recipes, purchasing and inventory to maximize operators’ time.
The foodservice vendor seeks to enhance its purchasing power in healthcare and education.
The beef will help meet student and faculty demand for local menu items.
The foodservice provider pledged to go fully cage-free by 2025.
After considering public feedback, only slight changes have been made to the rules.
farmer produce
Since the farm-to-table movement has caught noncommercial attention during the past decade, operators have broadened agricultural collaborations outside of supply.
College and university foodservice operators are facing down a number of shifting factors, from growing interest in local sourcing to a rise in the minimum wage.
peppers jars
Despite the large amount of produce used at the entirely vegan Muse School in Calabasas, Calif., the great majority is consumed, and there is little spoilage.


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