Gene Lee took the top honor, for which several noncommercial operators were in the running.
Five middle schoolers met with their district’s Board of Education to discuss how to get more meatless dishes on the menu.
Students will be able to participate in 17 different food and agricultural activities throughout the year.
The law enforces leave time for employees who are the victims of certain crimes.
The House chair of the Education Committee voted for further study of the bill.
The revamped cafe will offer study space, a food pantry and a demonstration kitchen, as well as nutrition and financial wellness programming.
The school’s dining services taught students how to make at least two vegan treats.
The Senate has instead asked the state’s Education Department to create a task force to ensure students are not deprived of school meals.
Workers feared losing job security and benefits when Compass assumes the school’s foodservice this fall.
ramen noodles
The truck will serve Arkansas Heart Hospital’s popular noodle dish, among other offerings.


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