new construction

Students are constructing a building made of straw bales, which will be home to farm-to-table dinners hosted by Michigan Dining.
cost graphs
Developments beyond the control of operators could push up prices for equipment and some supplies.
lindenwood dining
Here’s how to bring a national brand to your space. While many operators are developing their own in-house brands, sometimes nothing but the big names will do.
university chicago medical center renovation workers
As The University of Chicago Medical Center prepared to revamp of one of its kitchens, it wasn’t just foodservice executives coming to the table.
The district is partnering with Chartwells to make the changes.
Panda Express’ new “chork” could change how its customers eat Chinese food.
A new initiative brings locally grown greens to students for less.
Check out how these universities are capturing off-campus students, slicing labor in half and shrinking pre-consumer food waste.
solar panels wind turbines
With big names partnering with energy providers through rebate programs, it could be prime time to catch some rays—but only if the investment fits.
Michigan State University is beefing up chef training with an 18-month program.


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