health and wellness

sam kass talking menu directions
The former White House nutrition advisor addresses how to model healthy eating and one food-related issue facing the country.
chili spaghetti
Iconic dishes like Cincinnati chili may not be entirely healthy, but they are incredibly popular. How are chefs adapting popular recipes and bringing them to schools?
How FSDs are building off diners’ perceptions of flavor and health to create winning dishes.
The three-day trial run aims to raise awareness about veganism and show how a vegan eatery could operate on campus.
A revamp at Rutgers will bring more nutritious and scratch-made offerings to the table.
K-12 operators have a fight on their hands: hiring, training and retaining the best teams possible. For an update on these issues, here is the 2017 K-12 Census.
kale quinoa salad
With all the hype around probiotics, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America created a daily dish that incorporates probiotics in addition to prebiotics.
food symbols allergens
To make safe food as accessible as possible for guests with allergies, Carnegie Mellon University is creating an allergy-friendly kitchen.
Dining staff are using easy-to-replicate displays to draw students to nutritious choices.
The hospital will replace items like soda with such options as milk and granola bars.


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