health and wellness

Meatless Mondays NYC Public Hospitals
Promoted with the slogan “Power Up With Plants,” this new initiative is designed to empower patients to live healthier.
Romaine Lettuce
The federal agency says it intends to identify safe sources of the produce.
fresh fruit
Students name their favorite types of food to eat between meals.
food as medicine market
The healthy food provided at a new market also serves to combat chronic health conditions.
One college prepares meal kits from food bank items.
See how many dishes chefs can make with imperfect produce.
The bar serves as a food pantry for food-insecure students.
blended burgers
This year’s winners of the Blended Burger Project competition are packed with differentiators, from specialty ketchups to mushroom-infused queso. Here’s a look.
A college operation uses the chickpea byproduct as a substitute.
One operation has expanded beyond the dining hall to showcase its dining program.