health and wellness

The state legislation signed into law this week is the first of its kind.
To diners, good tasting and good nutrition don’t usually go together. Here's how today's chefs are meeting that challenge. ...
vegan prep options
If made law, SB 1138 would mandate hospitals and prisons to offer plant-based meals.
vegan flavors
A college operation attracts more students by focusing on the flavors in meatless dishes, rather than what's missing. ...
food dna
At a Southern California health system, nutrigenomics has played a role in menu development.
baby boomer eating
As more senior-living communities cater to the boomer set, here’s what those customers are seeking.
roasted butternut tartine
Nearly a third of the entrees the company serves at colleges are meatless
salad bar
The new garden will grow fruits and vegetables for the hospital’s cafe and help it promote healthy eating
dinner plate and utensils
The nation has been abuzz with back-and-forth about the plight of immigrant children who were separated from their parents at the border. But when we tried to learn how those youngsters were being...
veggie wheel
One operation increased vegetable consumption with a "wheel of food." ...


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