food sensitivities

Chesapeake cakes
The menus will launch at hundreds of university, healthcare and business and industry operations across the country.
backpack program
Melanie Lagasse's take-home backpack program has grown every year since its inception in 2014. ...
One school district offers students an inside look at meal prep.
The state legislation signed into law this week is the first of its kind.
vegan prep options
If made law, SB 1138 would mandate hospitals and prisons to offer plant-based meals.
vegan dessert
One operation educated students about some of its dessert offerings through a vegan cooking class.
Smart operators are leading the charge on food allergies, special diets and beyond.
We decided through focus group feedback that our freshmen struggled with the allergy-friendly options or options for students with diabetes on campus.
onion slices
A line cook at Di Alba in Los Angeles recommends cutting onions straight into ice-cold water to keep eyes from watering, which helps eliminate the tear-inducing gas.
food allergies
The University of Michigan brought in a student with food allergies to talk in front of foodservice staff as part of their training for an impactful presentation they won't forget...


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