war eagle supply co
The school's convenience stores are designed to be an inviting place for students to grab a meal on the run. ...
The school’s Rendezvous Dining Pavilion recently hosted a grand opening.
bleu barn
Bethany is using its renovation as a springboard for growth.
bleu barn
Bethany tapped its Wisconsin roots for bistro-style Bleu Barn.
Crazy ideas—why not give them a chance? Operators go off the beaten path for FSD’s second annual celebration.
A lot of Watermark Retirement Communities' memory care dining rooms have some degree of open-kitchen dining, so to whet appetites, they put a tablespoon of sweet spices, whether it’s cinnamon or...
university of North Dakota
University of North Dakota uses digital boards to promote nutrition and food quality in their dining halls. For example, they show chefs making pizza dough and sauce from scratch to allow students to...
desserts plate
Fox Run Orchard Park is knocking down a wall in its bar, which will create a more inviting atmosphere and allow it to host a coffee and dessert bar on off nights.
hc dining large
The eatery’s seven stations will bring expanded hours and new food options to the University of Pennsylvania.
Its decor includes custom-made murals and a retro fridge stocked with chocolate milk.


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