How to keep employees engaged

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How do you keep employees motivated and engaged?



Employee satisfaction has always been a major concern. As our workforce has become more diverse age-wise, we now have 20-somethings working next to 40-somethings, working next to 60-somethings; it has become more difficult to keep all employees engaged. Each age demographic has a really different set of values and expectations. That’s why it’s important to set goals as a team. For management to think they can do it themselves isn’t realistic anymore.

Now, everybody has an idea they want to share. It’s important to get people to talk about their ideas so everyone feels like they’ve been listened to, and you can gain some level of consensus. To do this, ask questions such as: What do we want this to look like? What
do we want as the end product? What goals should we set to get there? 

If someone seems unhappy, it’s also important to ask: What do you think would help you become more satisfied in your work? Is there something I can help you with? What are your concerns?

You have to engage your workforce with direct questions. The more visible managers are, the more opportunities they will have to interact with their teams and keep employees engaged. 

-Jim Korner
Assistant VP,
Professional and Community Education
Penn State University Outreach and Online Education


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