Employee training beyond the job

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What are some areas employees should be trained in that don’t deal directly with their day-to-day job?



Employees—and employers—need to be brave enough to get out of our comfort zones and explore the soft skills that complement our abilities to provide exceptional hospitality.

Over the past five years, there’s been huge technological change. Besides learning spreadsheet skills for business management and budgeting, managers also need to be trained in social media. It’s become integral in all of our jobs whether we like it or not. Technology allows you to measure and quantify what customers want and then apply it.

We also want employees who can be empathetic and identify with customers. I would even encourage employers to host a reading group for non-business-related liberal arts literature. These experiences enhance critical thinking and empathy when working with customers.

Training employees to consider what they value in life, why they come to work in the morning and if they’re excited about being there is key to delivering on social hospitality. It’s sort of the business of mental health to encourage philosophical introspection. That way, employees are able to bring their own individual passions to work and transfer that passion to co-workers and customers.

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