Proudest career accomplishment in the past year:

I was involved in revamping our patient menu last spring to offer a mix of lighter options and comfort foods. We wanted to give patients on both regular and modified diets the ability to choose from a wide variety of high-quality, delicious foods. It was tedious work to make sure the nutritional content was balanced across all meals, but I was proud to take extra care so that even patients on the most restrictive diets had plenty of good options.

Something you excel at over more seasoned employees:

Growing up with the internet made it easy to communicate with people from different backgrounds. As a kid, I wasn’t limited to knowing the people in my neighborhood; I could talk to the entire world. Now, as an employee in an extremely diverse environment, I think I have an easier time connecting with people who have different upbringings than me. I may not have experienced what they’ve experienced, but I’m used to learning about and appreciating different perspectives.

An important lesson learned:

A couple of years ago, we had an unexpected death in our family. I was feeling really fragile at the time, and I appreciated people’s kindness, even from those who didn’t know what I was going through. That taught me to always be patient and kind to people, because you never know their situation. I think that’s especially important to remember while working in a hospital, where parents, families and even staff are dealing with particularly difficult circumstances.

Short- and long-term career goals:

First, I want to learn more about healthcare and foodservice management, and practice leading a team to fine-tune our operation and help it expand and evolve as the healthcare industry changes. I am also working toward a master’s degree in health administration and would eventually like to use my education and management experience to lead community outreach projects that help improve food access, community nutrition and population health.