Proudest career accomplishment in the past year:

My first major project with the CMSD nutrition team was to write technical specifications for an RFP for a menu management system, which would become the groundwork for a cloud-based software solution for the entirety of our school nutrition operation. Within two months, I was able to finalize a comprehensive document that captured all wants, needs and interests of the stakeholders on our leadership team. I am now managing the CMSD side of implementing that solution in our 91 schools. 

Most rewarding moment so far: 

When kitchen managers and other staff reach out to me solely to thank me for the help and clarification they’ve been needing to do their jobs better. It makes me feel good to know I’ve helped someone understand something that was causing them stress or made an existing process easier for them. I know that, in return, our students will receive the best service from a staff member who is confident in their abilities. 

Biggest draw to noncommercial: 

What attracted me to my role was that my “customers” are growing students. The hardships and changes that we as an operation are enduring are all for the betterment of the student experience and growth of the nutritional knowledge in our community. Knowing that each and every student will be offered hot, nutritious meals at school makes me happy to do what I am doing.

Best career advice you’ve been given: 

Take advantage of professional development opportunities! There is so much unique and beneficial knowledge out there that can be applied to personal and professional growth.