Best career advice you’ve been given: 

To always keep an open mind. This allows us to pursue careers, projects and ideas that we may never have considered. 

Funniest on-the-job disaster: 

During my first week on the job, I accidentally replied all to an email with a lot of recipients. Thankfully, the email, which I meant to send to just my boss, was fine, but it was certainly a much more casual response than I would typically send in an email chain that large. This scenario has always been a fear of mine, and it finally happened. I survived, though. 

How the industry will change in the next five years: 

From a marketing standpoint, I believe we are in a time when marketing and social media are becoming more transparent and authentic. This trend of course affects the food industry as well. People not only want to know what they are consuming, but they want to know the company and brand as well. This change in marketing and social media will impact my future career, but it’s for the best. I respect authentic digital content and the brands who create it.