Proudest career accomplishment in the past year: 

My promotion from the manager of catering to the director’s chair. I have not been with the company long, but I make sure to deliver my best, keep the clients happy and keep creating phenomenal events with the culinary team. 

Something you excel at over more seasoned staff: 

My ability to hold the team together. I have often been referred to as the glue, and the ability to gain and hold the trust of the employees has made it wonderful to work on the catering team. Employees from other departments are excited to be part of events and work with us. 

Most rewarding moment so far: 

My first planning and execution of an inauguration of a campus president. It was working with dining services, off-site vendors and numerous committees on campus to make six days of events happen. It was a year’s worth of planning, ordering, mapping and staffing of locations and events. When the week finally came, we were all nervous, but the efforts of everyone involved paid off because the events went off without a hitch.

What attracted you to noncommercial foodservice?

The chaos of it all! It’s so challenging and every day is something different, so it’s my job to make sense of it all and organize it for my team.