Proudest career accomplishment in the past year:

Being recognized by my superiors for the hard work I put in day to day, which paved the way for the opportunity to become the GM of the University Club. Also, when I walk into my previous units, the staff always asks if I can come back to work with them, which means I was able to impact them in a positive way and is very humbling. 

Biggest draw to noncommercial foodservice: 

Surrounding myself in a university environment, especially USC’s, has been an amazing experience. We create a positive and collaborate atmosphere for the students, faculty and staff in hopes of facilitating growth and success. It’s not about how much you beat budget or how your bottom line looks (yes, it is important to run a smart operation), but it’s about taking care of the Trojan family and ensuring their well-being. 

Most rewarding moment so far: 

Seeing my staff get promoted and excel in their new roles. You never know how much a pay increase and sense of purpose can impact someone’s life. It also motivates other team members when they see an organization promoting from within. 

Best career advice you’ve received: 

Hugh Anderson, my mentor/GM from my future leader program with IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group), told me to always stay humble no matter what title you carry next to your name. He taught me that there should be no task too big or small for a leader to handle. If I need to roll up my sleeves and hop into the dish pit or help mop the floors, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second if it means supporting my team.