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Speed of service, variety, food quality and efficiency all are crucial in any successful foodservice operation. In B&I, that’s doubly true. In B&I, you have the added pressures of keeping the same customers happy and on-site day in and day out with great menu variety and great quality, all with a speed of service that lets your customers move in and out quickly on tight timeframes.

Needless to say, equipment can make or break you. It’s got to be durable. It’s got be programmable, consistent and easy to operate. And it sure helps if it’s UL-ventless, and you can put it where you need it.  Fortunately, innovative new equipment is coming to market to give you quality and flexibility you never thought possible.

Read on for new ideas and breakthrough new equipment.

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The impact of technology on foodservice

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Federal cafeteria delivers function, flavor


Big Menu. Big Profits. Small Footprint.

See how Máka Mia Pizza is adding $3,000 to $5,000 per week in each location with a packaged concept built around an Ovention Matchbox oven.

With six locations at four campuses and 62,000 students, foodservice has to be quick and high quality.

Hoods cost money to install, clean and maintain. A UL-Ventless oven saves you big money and lets you put the oven pretty much wherever you want it.

The Matchbox Oven

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The Shuttle Oven

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Founded in 2011 by Phil McKee, creator of the original TurboChef® oven back in the early 1990s, Ovention, Inc., designs and engineers cutting-edge, advanced commercial cooking equipment that delivers quality foods at reduced cooking times.

“Expect the unexpected” is something of an unofficial theme for us at Ovention.  It’s a way of looking at the world, looking for new solutions where others have not looked, and it drives our innovation. We introduced our first oven, the Matchbox, in 2012, and the following spring it was honored with a Kitchen Innovations® 2013 Award presented by the National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show®. Later, the Matchbox also was voted a winner in CSP’s 2013 Retailer Choice Award competition. Also last year, we unveiled our new Shuttle oven, which has just been named a 2014 recipient of the KI Award.

Acquired by Hatco Corp. in July of 2013, Ovention is now proud to be one of the industry’s Best in Class enterprises.

Address: 635 S. 28th St., Milwaukee, WI 53215

Phone: 855-298-OVEN