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Welcome to the Category Management Industry Center, sponsored by Mondelēz International, designed to help foodservice operators like you optimize your business. Category Management principles can help you understand your customers better, determine which products and brands appeal to them most and merchandise them the best way. Here you’ll find tips for grooming your product lineup and insights into important trends. Today, more than ever, you need to put the right products in your customers’ hands. Category Management will show you how.

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Breakfast and snacking are two of the biggest trends influencing foodservice today—and together, they can spell opportunity for operators.

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Category Management Resources from Mondelēz International

Operators who follow consumer trends and adhere to other category management best practices are more likely to succeed with snacks, an important business opportunity in today’s growth-challenged foodservice marketplace.

Traditional Dayparts Continue to  Blur

Understanding new consumer behavior and having the right items available when consumers want them are the category management challenges that operators must meet to build sales across the dayparts.

Trending Flavor Pairs

Flavor pairing is not a mysterious art or science—it’s an everyday activity for anyone who eats, because it’s based on the principle that certain flavors are naturally delightful when consumed together. Succeeding with flavor pairings in a non-commercial dining room or cafeteria is a matter of determining what products consumers want and presenting them in a visible, appealing and accessible way.

The operators who get the most sales lift from merchandising often have one common denominator: they use category management principles to give people what they want when they want it. So how can you incorporate these principles into your own merchandising strategy?

As a nation, America has a huge crush on snacking. The practice of supplementing or replacing ordinary meals with tasty nibbles is a significant business opportunity in all foodservice segments. There is a big payoff waiting for operators who follow a concerted category management approach to understanding snacking behavior and providing the products and brands that consumers seek.

Snack foods account for over 400 billion eating occasions each year. In home or away from home, the average American eats more than 1,000 snack food items throughout the year. Keeping track of the latest trends makes it easy to guarantee that you always have the right snacks in stock to make an impact on your bottom line.

Build your best display with our easy, guided Snack Rack Builder.

Create an effective snack display with these expert tips.

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